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Coming Soon to ArtZine:

  • Having visited the opening of Sunny Chyun’s solo exhibition, we caught up with Sunny to talk about her work, life as an artist and everything else! Look out for our interview with Sunny.
  • The Singapore Biennale is up and kicking, but is it getting noticed? We’re cooking up a feature on the Biennale and Asian contemporary art.
  • With the launch of the 8th Asian Film Symposium, the Picturehouse @ Cathay will be screening films you ought to catch! Which ones are on our A list?
  • Get out your birthday candles and party hats! ArtZine chats with artists and bands who will be performing at the Timbre MusicFest. Look out for our interview specials and more details on the 10 day music festival celebrating Timbre’s 3rd anniversary.

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