Dec ’08 Issue


DEC SPECIAL: The Artists’ Wishlist

What would you like to have this Christmas? Some artists have simple wishes like a new set of oil paints or a new camcorder while others have bigger things in mind like funding and more acting opportunities. [COMING SOON]


NEWS: Design sector receives S$10m boost

CNA reports that DesignSingapore will provide S$10 million of funding over the next two years to aid designers. Under the “Design Capability Development Programme”, designers can make use of the grants to gain work experience and achieve greater international exposure.


COFFEECHAT: Artist Interviews

CoffeeChat is a collection of our artist interviews. Expect to delve into an artist’s life experiences that shaped him/her into the person he/she is today. We also take a look at their journey through rehearsals and their work. [MORE]coverimagesdancesdtthenutcracker

Who can resist the Land of Sweets? SDT’s resident choreographer, Jeffrey Tan talk s about this Christmas Ballet Classic. [MORE]

*Updates! Read our review of SDT’s The Nutcracker. [MORE]


Dancer Joni Tan who will be performing in SDT’s The Nutcracker, shares with ArtZine a sneak peek of their rehearsals. [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: Sony World Photography Awards 2009

Calling all photographers! Closing date for the Sony World Photography Awards is 31 Dec! [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: Asia on the Edge 2008

Asia was indeed tottering on the edge with dancers on extended platforms along the Cavenagh Bridge and divers on stand-by. Missed the opening performance? Read about it here. [MORE]


REVIEW: Snow White by Wild Rice

If you are looking for the best play in the land, Wild Rice’s Snow White is definitely one of the top contenders. ArtZine tells you why. [MORE]



The AFFF is the world’s only film and documentary festival celebrating first-time film makers. Guess whose film will be representing Singapore? [MORE]


INTERVIEW: A Vacant Affair

Keep it hush-hush. It’s an affair we’d rather keep to ourselves. But.. HOW can we keep quiet when A Vacant Affair’s debut album launch is in December! [MORE]


PREVIEW: The Office Party by SRT (till 13 Dec)

Get tangled up in office romance as things start to heat up at the annual office Christmas Party. The party spells promotions, bonuses and politics for all except.. [MORE]coverimagesfilmelectronica

HIGHLIGHT: First Take 2008 Winner

You’ve voted for the best short film of 2008 and the winner is…. [MORE]


ARTJOKES:  Murphy’s Law & Art

Murphy’s Law, which states that if anything can go wrong, it will, applies to art and painting too. Have a good laugh with us. [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: Korean Contemporary Art

Want to see the ‘Bae’utiful Koreans? Switch off your Korean dramas and head to the Singapore Art Museum for the Korean Contemporary Art exhibition from now till March 15. [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: Christmas Special

Celebrate Christmas with ArtZine – the artsy way! [COMING SOON]


BACKTRACK: November ’08 Issue

Missed our Nov Issue? It’s just a click away. [MORE]

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