PSST: ArtZine’s birthday is coming…

And we’re going to celebrate by giving ArtZine a makeover. Want your event to be featured in the new ArtZine? Send us all the details at: [For events happening in Aug – Oct 09]

In the meantime, please be patient with us as we develop the new ArtZine.


EXCLUSIVE: Still a theatre virgin?

The midyear mark is here and shame on you if you haven’t been to a single art event yet. Haresh, Charlotte and Loretta talk to us about the misconceptions of Singapore Theatre. [MORE]


REVIEW: The Crab Flower Club

Director Goh Boon Teck channelled his appreciation and endless inspirations from Chinese cultures and issues for this production. Toy Factory Productions displayed yet another brilliant local theatre piece. [MORE]


INTERVIEW: Full Frontal – LIV

Nelson Chia’s latest work plays on the word ‘LIV’ and one might suspect his insightful understanding of sleep disorders stems from personal experiences.  Nelson tells his late night experiences to ArtZine. [MORE]


REVIEW: Invisible Room

Produced by The Observatory, a local rock band, filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen and theatre director Kok Heng Leun, this collaboration for the Singapore Arts Festival 2009 sounds the ambitions of confinements. [MORE]


Interviews: CoffeeChat

CoffeeChat is a collection of our artist interviews. Delve into an artist’s life experiences and their journey through rehearsals and their work. [MORE]

* Latest: ArtZine prowls with the cast of CATS while they share their hair-raising  tales. Featuring: Delia Hannah, John Ellis and John O’Hara



Missed our May issue? No worries, it’s all archived here for you to read at your own pace. Features include the opening show of the Singapore Arts Festival and SRT’s Much Ado about Nothing. [MORE]

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