Nov ’08 Issue


Singapore Biennale Wonder comes to a close

Say goodbye to the slippers windmills that altered our skies and giant maggots that infested our land. The Singapore Biennale entitled Wonder, came to a close on Nov 16. [MORE]


PREVIEW: Snow White by Wild Rice (opened 26 Nov)

When we first saw the publicity posters for Snow White, it took us awhile to figure out who was the Queen! ArtZine visits the royal family at their palace for a chat. [MORE]


REVIEW: Das Experiment: Black Box *Updated!

We attended the Gala on November 15! Read our full review of the psychological thriller, Das Experiment. [MORE]


INTERVIEW: A Vacant Affair

Keep it hush-hush. It’s an affair we’d rather keep to ourselves. But.. HOW can we keep quiet when there’s news on A Vacant Affair’s debut album launch! [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: Asia on the Edge 2008

Make way, Asia’s coming through! With our talented artists, thinkers and writers, Asia’s in the spotlight as Asia on the Edge 2008 celebrates.. Asia. [MORE]


PREVIEW: The Office Party by SRT (opens 27 Nov)

Get tangled up in office romance as things start to heat up at the annual office Christmas Party. The party spells promotions, bonuses and politics for all except.. [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: First Take 2008

As the year end nears, get ready to vote for your favourite First Take film of 2008 at the Substation on December 1. We have a chat with the directors of the shortlisted films. [MORE]



Linocut is an excellent printmaking technique for the complete beginner. Wanna give it a try? [MORE]


ARTJOKES:  Murphy’s Law & Art

Murphy’s Law, which states that if anything can go wrong, it will, applies to art and painting too. Have a good laugh with us. [MORE]


THIS WEEK: Art Events

Our calendar is packed as there are so many things happening this November. The wait for our art events calendar is finally over! [MORE]


HIGHLIGHT: Korean Contemporary Art

Want to see the ‘Bae’utiful Koreans? Switch off your Korean dramas and head to the Singapore Art Museum for the Korean Contemporary Art exhibition from now till March 15. [MORE]


AWARD: SIPF Emerging Artist

Guess who was crowned the winner of the Singapore International Photography Festival’s first ever Emerging Artist Award for South-East Asian Photographers? [MORE]



Written by and for working artists, this book explores the nature of the difficulties that cause so many artists to give up along the way. (Sounds familiar?) [MORE]


SPOTTED: The Green Tower

How Green can you go? Very green, in fact. Especially with the new Green Tower planned for the junction of Waterloo Road and Middle Road in Singapore. [MORE]

INTERVIEW: Hans Mendler

Hans Mendler’s works are exhibited at the TCC Gallery till January 17. ArtZine spoke with Hans when he was in Singapore for the Singapore Sun Festival. [MORE]

REVIEW: Sing to the Dawn

First a novel, now it’s an animated film. To be absolutely fair, we reviewed the movie in 2 parts: one for those who have read the novel and another for those who haven’t. [MORE]


Allured. That’s what we were when we first heard them play. ArtZine speaks to the bold, brash and beautiful band that’s ready to roll on the road to fame. [MORE]


If you’re looking for something unconventional and fresh, The Sallys is precisely what you need. ArtZine chats with them about their debut album launch in late November. [MORE]

HIGHLIGHT: LOVE with a tilted O

You’ve seen the LOVE sculpture at Dhoby Ghaut but who is the artist behind the sculpture? ArtZine puts on our detective glasses and finds out. [MORE]

SPOTTED: Photo of the Week

Yanson is an architect by day and photographer by night. What his this photo about and why did it catch our eye? [MORE]


Yilin of Yumumu creates the perfect ‘paperdoll-like’ dresses for dainty women. Our favourite is her East Asian Misfits line. [MORE]

TIPS: The perfect dancing shoes

You’re at a gala dinner and someone taps you on the shoulder. “May I have this dance?” Here are some tips on choosing the perfect ballroom dancing shoes. [MORE]


ArtZine checks in with director Kok Heng Leun and the cast of Dramabox’s David the Best for a chat. [MORE]

REVIEW: Proof V Exhibition

Celebrating their 28th Anniversary, the Printmaking Society of Singapore had 51 works on exhibition at Alliance Française SG Banking Gallery till Nov 4. [MORE]

PREVIEW: Gemuk Girls

Somehow, you’ll find yourself unwittingly pulled into family politics. In Gemuk Girls, the past catches up with an atypical mother-daughter pair, flinging them into emotional distress. [MORE]


PREVIEW: Future of Imagination 5

Future of Imagination is the only local performance art event organised by artists. Featuring renowned international and local performance artists, it runs from November 12 to 14. [MORE]


Singapore’s well positioned – we’re protected from earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis. Our little red dot becomes a safe haven for all Singaporeans. Till Flare[MORE]

COLUMNS: Coming soon to ArtZine

We let the artists do the talking! Get ready for the columns by our featured artists as they discuss issues faced by the art industry in Singapore. [COMING SOON]

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