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It all started with a simple question – “How therapeutic is art?”

I read an article published on Aug 22 on that explained that “play therapy and art therapy encourage youngsters to express and control traumatic experiences through these activities.” Despite being used throughout USA, the effectiveness of these therapy forms could not be determined by the therapists.

These 4 words – “How therapeutic is art?” – sparked off the popping up of 13+ windows on my screen as I searched about art therapy. The more I thought about the question, the more sub-questions and headings formed.

Art therapy for kids? for prisoners? How useful is it? Is it really changing lives? If I drew something, would the therapist be able to tell me details like what’s bothering me? How does one become an art therapist? Is there a market for art therapy in Singapore? Would parents spend to send their kids to art therapy? How long must one go for therapy? 6-8 months? A year? What happens during a session? Can I draw anything? Anything – really?

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