Calefare UPDATES!

News on Calefare‘s episode 2 will be up soon! In the meantime, here’s an intro to the other two characters in Calefare: Kak Pon and Huay Huay.

Kak Pon (Mastura Ahmad)

Kak Pon is a counsellor.. and a smart one too. Andy (Gurmit Singh) goes to her for advice when he encounters problems with the lead actor (Edmund Chen) since she’s most knowledgeable in celebrity gossip.  The clever woman single-handedly “removes” the enemy with innocent-looking chocolates that cause him to have diarrhoea and severe vomitting! Even Andy is astonished. What an interesting way to solve problems eh? We can’t wait to see what else Kak Pon has up her sleeves.

Huay Huay (Tracy Tan)

Huay Huay’s not a calefare – she’s the assistant director. You’ll see her running around making sure everything runs smoothly. At first she’s sarcastic, curt and firm with the calefares. Don’t want them climbing over her head right? Later as the show progresses, we see hints of a softer Huay Huay. She shouts at the calefares, telling them not to eat on set, yet winks at them and walks away. We like that version of Huay Huay. After all, we’ve heard too many stories of mean directors and assistants.

Updates on what the forums are saying about Calefare:

1) Fiona Xie was well-casted because she started her career as a calefare in Growing Up, after which she was talent spotted. – chatterb0x
2) Tracy Tan‘s production crew character may mix up with her daughter role in Yang Sisters cos her job in Yang Sisters is also a production crew – chatterb0x
3) One heng thing…mcs never ask media whores Steven Lim, Dawn Yang or xiaxue to act in Calefare. – chatterb0x
4) Yes, Kak Pon is a Suria actress. She is like Suria’s Huang Biren. – amir21
5) First episode of Calefare was really nice and funny… I feel so sorry for Joleen, cos Champion Chan (Edmund) vomitted on her, due to the chocolates he took earlier (turns out that the chocolates had been expired for 2 years!!!) – tanat83
6) Edmund Chen’s quite funny acting as Japanese – luv5566forever

Guess What?

Here’s the sneak preview vid of episode 2 of Calefare and the second vid is of the slow-mo scene from episode 1 that we loved. Enjoy!

Updates on what we think about Episode 2 is up HERE! on ArtZine.

– Valerie Oliveiro

Images from Calefare‘s blogsite.