Weekend Updates! (16/17 Aug)

Goodbye Matisse

Today ArtZine visited Matisse at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) to say our last goodbyes. It was the last day of the Matisse exhibition at STPI. The lithographs showed his exploration of form and composition. Through simplicity – the barest of lines, he captured the female form beautifully. The grandfather of Fauvism (a style that was free and expressive) reduced dancers to just curves on paper. No details, no facial expressions. Just the curve of the arm, the legs, the head and hair. Some were executed in continuous strokes while others were left looking ‘unfinished’. And yet, if you take the time to appreciate his work, you’d see that the human imagination and the movement he captured enables us to ‘complete’ the lines. More on Matisse soon.

NDP Heart Rock Concert

Hosted by Eunice Olsen and Suhaimi, the Heart Rock concert commerated the nation’s birthday and the 12th Anniversary of the Family Life Centre. Incredibly funny lines were dealt time and time again by Suhaimi (we will list his best lines in our detailed event coverage) while Eunice’s show ‘Rouge’ got slammed by her co-host. OUCH. The theme of the night was the Beatles’ music and oh my, the crowd came ready to “boogie-down”! (We definitely revisited the swinging 60’s) Performances by local and regional artistes definitely made Saturday night fantastic. Held at the NDP Waterfront Stadium, the stage was too far from the audience. Small screens were put up but it was too far out as well. (The concert would have been perfect at Fort Canning.) Oh and guess who rode into the floating stadium in a fancy car like the President?

Our lips are sealed.
Keep a lookout for our Monday Special with all the juicy details!

PS: Session 2 of the Theatre Fest Art Forums is over! Take a peek at our updates HERE on Session 3, the last of the art forum series.