Review: Much ado about nothing


By: Sarima Jasmin

“Some cupids kill with arrow and some with traps.”

Indeed, Shakespeare’s Cupids were striking arrows in all the right places snagging our hearts at Fort Canning through May. Packed with poetic nights of tranquility and romance under the stars, the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) Shakespeare in the Park this year, returns with its local take Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Much Ado about Nothing.

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The Office Party by SRT


“Someone likes you,” says your co-worker in a singsong voice. “Brad just snuck in a present on your desk.” “Brad who?” you ask, trying to seem nonchalant even as your voice betrays you by cracking and you feel yourself blushing deep scarlet.

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Sing to the Dawn Review

First a novel, now it’s an animated film.

Sing to the Dawn tells of Dawan, a girl living in a small Southeast Asian village. She fights for her right to basic education to see more of the world beyong her small town and escape the boundaries of the traditional village.

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