Celebrate DRAMA! ’08

I find it interesting that two theatre festivals are running concurrently. There’s the OCBC Singapore Theatre Fest (see my previous article) and there’s the not-so well-known Celebrate Drama festival that’s going on as well.

No worries, I’ve already made plans to check out the young talents at the Celebrate DRAMA festival which runs between Aug 12 – 17. I’m quite confused about the ticketing packages though.

What is Celebrate Drama! all about?

“Celebrate Drama! offers youths aged 12 to 30 opportunities to showcase their original work, to learn theatre-making skills and to engage in conversation with other youths on issues that matter through the arts. It will feature plays, workshops, visual art, films, short roving performances and forums, that are mostly created and presented by young people, in collaboration and under mentorship with professional drama educators, theatre practitioners and artists. Launched in 2005, the festival has grown from a 1-day event to a 4-day extravaganza.”

While everyone’s busy concentrating on the Theatre Fest, I shall cease my futile attempts to rush for the last few lousy seats at the Theatre Fest and focus my efforts on Celebrate Drama! instead. Singapore’s so hadap (malay word for insistent) on cultivating young local talents right? (see previous article) Therefore, I shall head down to watch what our promising talents have put up.

For those who still haven’t gotten tickets, make a date with me at Celebrate Drama! this weekend.

Here’s some plays you should catch:

Date: Friday, 15 August
Time: 7.30pm
Loosely based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Oral Stage presents match, a physical theatre piece exploring the various dimensions of love, relationships and sexuality. This modern take on the romance classic utilizes only body movement, speaking its language across barriers of place and time.

French for Love Letter – Written by Hoh Jian Yang
Date: Saturday, 16 August
Time: 12 noon
Two old classmates find time capsule correspondence on a nostalgia-inspired trip back to their old school. Despite the cumbersome name, French for Love Letter promises a simple trip back to the days of junior college – the simple adolescent agonies of love and awkwardness. Let our young cast make you feel young again in French for Love Letter!

Pong! Play It Right – Adapted by Dwayne Mark Lau
Date: Sunday, 17 August
Time: 3pm

Pong! Play It Right is a production examining social issues and tensions in the context of Singapore’s socio-cultural milieu, where ‘clean-ness’ and ‘right-ness’ are emphasized as traits upheld by the main ‘players’ of society. Through the symbolism inherent in the tiles of a mahjong set, themes such as tradition versus modernity, the thwarting of cherished ambitions and desires, the pervasiveness of materialism, and the pursuit of freedom are explored in each of the four acts or ’rounds’.

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

Look out for ArtZine‘s list of Celebrate Drama! ’08 Films and Workshops that you shouldn’t miss!
Coming soon.