Olympics Special – Stamps Feature

Last week, ArtZine explored the function of artists in society as we were inspired by Olympic Arts. Read about it here. This week, we take a look at artwork on Olympic Stamps.

Faces of proud olympians adorned their country’s stamps – gold medalists, no doubt. Their proudest moment captured on collectors’ stamps, to be kept for eternity. As winners from the Beijing Olympics 2008 are honoured on commemorative Olympic Stamps, ArtZine delves into the various artwork and styles of Olympic Stamps in the history of the Games.

Over the weekend, an Olympic Stamp Exhibit in China showcased various stamps commemorating the Games. The main function of Olympic Stamps is to salute the country’s athletes. Australia is well-known for printing stamps featuring their gold-medalists the day after the medal was won. Australia’s most celebrated swimmer, Stephanie Rice, was commemorated with her set of stamps on Aug 12. (left) The latest stamp features backstroke swimmer Emily Seebohm, who won the gold on Aug 18.

Take a look at the Olympic Stamps issued and the different artworks.

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