NS Tales – ArmyBoys ‘fess up

NS turns our boys into men. They come out as the modern storytellers, with intriguing tales, fables of old and experiences (while girls sit and listen). Hearing our boys chat about their good old BMT days makes us think of Own Time Own Target, a production about NS that’s part of the OCBC Singapore Theatre Festival 2008 premieres on Aug 20.

Own Time Own Target


An NSF officer and his wary driver are lost in the jungle, their unspecified mission taking them deeper and deeper into a no man’s land where rank can break down as quickly as the radio …

BOTAK BOYS by Julian Wong

BMT is every Singaporean male’s nightmare. Or is it? Experience the heartache, the bravery and the rude shocks as Justin and his blur buddies sing and dance their way through Tekong! Will he find friends? Will his secret be exposed? Will he survive to become even more of a man?

FULL TANK by Laremy Lee

In the midst of a desperate island-wide search for an *oops* escaped terrorist, Sergeant Leroy and his motley crew hijack a tank and go AWOL, embarking on a joyride through Singapore’s streets! Are they criminals or heroes? Or just plain crazy? Join them on a hilariously bizarre and uniquely Singaporean road-trip!”

Directed by: Jonathan Lim

Cast List:
Nelson Chia
Hang Qian Chou
Dwayne Lau
Jonathan Lum
Ghazali Muzakir
Nick Shen Weijun
Hansel Tan
Terence Tay

When: 20 – 22 August, 8pm evening shows
23 – 24 August, 3pm matinees and 8pm evening shows
Where: Esplanade Theatre Studio

Here’s a scene from the musical – look out for the famous “cutting hair” part!


If you didn’t manage to get the tickets, you can get NS stories at: Days were the those – a blog set up to collect National Service Stories. Set up by Singaporean blogger Mr Miyagi, he and his contributors tell of their army days, all the “funny shit, sad shit and serious shit.”

Happy reading!

-Valerie Oliveiro

Image and Excerpts from the Singapore Theatre Festival website.