Spotlight! – Faktion

Had fun at Baybeats? While we collate pictures (thanks to the lovely photographers!), ArtZine contributor, J.Raven Yep, chats with Josh Franklin, guitarist from Faktion. Yes, we’re hoping Faktion will perform in Singapore soon… Next year at Baybeats, maybe?

Passion + cosy family feeling + a new singer = ?

Faktion – the band which leaves no one out.

Formed in Texas in 2002, the band has undergone several changes like going indie, and a new front man since 2007. “We’re exponentially better than we’ve ever been as musicians,” says Josh. The band consists of him, Marshall Dutton (lead guitarist), Jeremy Moore (drums), Jeremy “Brink” Coan (bass) and of course, their new lead singer, Aaron Pose.

“We found our missing piece and we’ve also found our sound. We’re at a point now where we can endlessly grow and graduate to new levels,” Josh adds on with regards to the band’s change in their front man.

Faktion’s previous self-titled album progresses into their latest EPs, “Ignite What’s Inside” and “Crash Ashore”; you’ll find that the music extends from a wide range from rock ballads to hard rock to alternative. Not to mention heartfelt lyrics that smoothly combines the rocking guitars and beats into a perfect piece worth listening to again and again. “Emotion is our number one influence,” says Josh.

Explaining Faktion’s range of tunes, Josh adds, “Musically, it’s everything from Elvis and Sinatra to Motley Crue to Sarah McLachlan to Alter Bridge and Slipknot!” Talk about not leaving anyone out! In fact, Faktion has been up to their elbows with some news for their fans.

“Look forward to a new record deal and plenty of touring and albums! BE READY!” Josh happily announces on ArtZine. We certainly are!

How well do you know Faktion?

· Bassist Jeremy “Brink” Coan, commonly known as Brink, gets grouchy in the morning.
· Front Man Aaron loses everything. “He would lose his head if it weren’t attached!”
· Lead guitarist Marshal is oblivious to the world most of the time. “He lives on “Planet M.”
· Drummer Jeremy will kick your ass at the drop of a hat. “Don’t mess with him!”
· Finally, Josh laughs out, saying that he always seems “to find the negatives in every situation!”

Songs we insist you must listen to:

Images courtesy of Faktion.
Text by J.Raven Yep.

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