Interview with Nelson Chia


By: Hailey Tay

Full Frontal: LIV

LIV is a Singapore Arts Festival 09 commissioned work that Nelson Chia collaborate with A Group Of People. “LIV is an exploration of what it means to be Living or Alive.” Nelson discovered “that one can talk about death in a meaningful way only if (one has) examined the life that had been lived.”

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Jean-Pierre Blanchard


By: Valerie Oliveiro

It all begins with a blank canvas.

With quick strokes he adds swiggles of red, bright blue and shocking yellow. Almost like a cheoreographed dance, he moves lyrically in front of the canvas. Watch him carefully – if you blink, you might miss the finishing touch to the painting. Satisfied, he steps back and grins. Meet French speed-painter Jean-Pierre Blanchard.

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CATS the Musical


By: Valerie Oliveiro

Purr with pleasure, the CATS are back for the annual Jellicle Ball in Singapore! From April 10 to May 3, CATS will play at the Esplanade Theatre. Under the moonlight, ArtZine prowls with the felines while actors Delia Hannah, John Ellis and John O’Hara share their hair-raising cat tales.

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Hush Baby World Premiere


By: Valerie Oliveiro

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word –“

The brilliant animation speaks for itself. After viewing the production stills from Director Tan Wei Keong, I’m looking forward to watching his short animated film. ArtZine’s giving you the heads up (and an exclusive interview!) as Wei Keong lets us into the secret of Hush Baby, way ahead of its World Premiere at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival in April.

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