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Review : The Crab Flower Club


By: Sarima Jasmin

At the Singapore Arts Festival 2009, Toy Factory Productions displayed yet another brilliant local theatre piece. Directed by the acclaimed author and director Goh Boon Teck, The Crab Flower Club, was inspired and produced based on poems in Cao Xue Qin’s masterpiece, Dreams of the Red Chamber.

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Review: Invisible Room


By: Hailey Tay

Invisible Room is a complete invasion of the definition of ‘Space’. Produced by The Observatory, a local rock band, filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen and theatre director Kok Heng Leun, this collaboration for the Singapore Arts Festival 2009 sounds the ambitions of confinements.

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Interview with Nelson Chia


By: Hailey Tay

Full Frontal: LIV

LIV is a Singapore Arts Festival 09 commissioned work that Nelson Chia collaborate with A Group Of People. “LIV is an exploration of what it means to be Living or Alive.” Nelson discovered “that one can talk about death in a meaningful way only if (one has) examined the life that had been lived.”

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Theatre Virgins


Ring in June! Mid year is here and shame on you if you haven’t gone for at least one art event yet. ArtZine speaks with Haresh Sharma (The Necessary Stage), Loretta Chen (Zebra Crossing) and Charlotte Nors (Singapore Repertory Theatre) on introducing Singapore Theatre to Theatre Virgins.

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Review: Much ado about nothing


By: Sarima Jasmin

“Some cupids kill with arrow and some with traps.”

Indeed, Shakespeare’s Cupids were striking arrows in all the right places snagging our hearts at Fort Canning through May. Packed with poetic nights of tranquility and romance under the stars, the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) Shakespeare in the Park this year, returns with its local take Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Much Ado about Nothing.

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Singapore Arts Festival 2009 Opening

Image courtesy of the National Arts Council

And so it begins…
By: Kellynn Wee

The fireworks lofted themselves into the air and exploded, showering man-made stars trailing glitter and gold dust, lighting the upturned sea of faces at the Marina Barrage.

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