TNS presents Gemuk Girls

Politics. Too big a word to get involved in? Yet Singaporeans are definitely not apathetic when it comes to politics in the home. Somehow, you’ll find yourself unwittingly pulled into family politics.

It doesn’t take much – even a simple disagreement can divide a family. Take ordering pizzas for example. Dad wants Hawaiian, Mom wants Pepperoni and you’re on the fence – hungry but not picky. Mom and Dad both turn to stare at you. Whose side will you take?

In The Necessary Stage’s Gemuk Girls, the past catches up with an atypical mother-daughter pair, flinging them into emotional distress. It’s a blast from the past for the two as the arrival of a relative (we’re not telling who!) turns their safe world upside-down. Darkly humourous, this play directed by Alvin Tan will see you through the feud of the century. Can they survive the sudden turmoil?

This provocative piece from The Necessary Stage will definitely leave you with many questions to ponder on as they discuss pressing issues that affect society today.

“It’s a play that’s also very timely. Long a “hush hush” topic in Singapore, things have opened up of late; the recent developments involving the Speakers’ Corner as well as the Serangoon Gardens foreign dormitory situation.” -director Alvin Tan

The Cast

Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit as Kartini
Having received a Best Actress Nomination at the Life! Theatre Awards for her role in The Necessary Stage’s Fundamentally Happy, Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit now takes on the role of the liberated Kartini, a woman who constantly pushes boundaries in order to discover herself. Alin is also founder and Director of Panggung (ARTS).

Siti Khalijah as Juliana
Siti Khalijah had appeared in 2007/2008’s Good People as a morally confused nurse of a hospice, and now returns as Juliana, the only one of three daughters who still lives with her mother and who is about to embark on a promising political career. Siti was also nominated the Best Actress award for her role in How Did The Cat Get So Fat?.

Najib Soiman as (the relative from the past)
Najib Soiman was the youngest ever director to lead an annual musical event Gentarasa 2007 which was organized by People’s Association and Mesra and is currently the Artistic Director of Panggung (ARTS). Najib shared the nomination for Best Ensemble at the  for his roles in Impenjarament (Teater Ekamatra) and Divine Soap (Cake Theatrical Productions).

The Necessary Stage presents Gemuk Girls
Playwright: Haresh Sharma
Director: Alvin Tan
Starring: Aidli ‘Alin’ Mosbit, Najib Soiman, Siti Khalijah.

Oct 29 – Nov 1 & 6 – 8 Nov, 8pm
1 – 2 Nov & 8 – 9 Nov, 3pm
The Necessary Stage Black Box
$22 / $27   (Get your tickets here)
Concession available for students, senior citizens and NSF

Mature Content. (16 years and above)

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