Short+Sweet Singapore 2009


This Australian grown-festival is back in Singapore to showcase 10-minute plays written by local and international playwrights.

It’s time to sharpen those pencils as Short+Sweet Singapore is calling for entries to entice audiences when the festival opens on 24 June. They will be staging the best:

30 English plays
and 10 Mandarin plays.

Best thing to note is there are no restrictions on entries so you can write about absolutely anything – but we challenge you this Feb to write a flirty comedy as we celebrate fliryfeb FLIRTATIOUS FEBRUARY.

Remember, your play must be 10 minutes or less. It must be a fresh play that has not been staged at previous Short+Sweet Singapore. (The festival has been in Singapore for 2 years now)

Anyone may enter. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you’re Singaporean because local writers do not have to pay registration fee of AUD$15! PHEW!

The Rules

1.Your script MUST be 10 minutes or less. As a general guide most 10-minute plays are between 1600-2400 words.

2.Participation in Short+Sweet is on a VOLUNTARY basis. Writers do not receive royalties for performances of their play but they can win industry prizes and professional development opportunities that will be announced later.

3.Writers retain all copyright and performance rights on their plays. They only give permission for their play to be performed at the specific Short+Sweet Festival they have entered.

4.You can write on any subject matter in any style.

5.Entry for Singaporean-based writers is free. Entry for international writers is AUD$15 per script.

6.Plays are assessed anonymously, so please DO NOT include your name or address on your script. If you do, we will not be able to consider your entry.
*Check back with us at ArtZine Singapore for frequent updates as we announce more details about Short+Sweet Singapore 2009!

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