Sour Jokes exhibition


Opening 27 January at the Alliance Française de Singapour, Sour Jokes will surprise you with works from Lasalle students.

Sour Jokes suggest dark humor.

The artists infused comical and satirical mimicry in their own ways, leading to an offbeat parody of the constructed norms through unbalancing the information nonsensically.

Artists include:

Shariefah Shamsir,
graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Printmaking) in 2008.  Her recent works were featured at the Community Wall, Esplanade and *scape at the National Youth Centre. She currently teaches art to children. “I believe art is in the experience that the audience gets thus my continuous thought disorienting works. Text, being my frequent con-text and content was a result of a delayed awareness of my geeky bookworm tendencies.”
Fyerool Darma,
born in 1987 he obtained his Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) from
LASALLE, 2008. Fyerool intends to be a storyteller and has resulted to jpainting and drawing his redonkculous tales on any surfaces with whatever medium is available. His influences are folklores, popular culture, his daydreams, and trips to the moon. These tales are a small world that exists in his mind; escapism from the conscious mind.
Simon Ng Yong Heng’s
paintings are references from his own memory. Memories of his childhood, the places he traveled and life experiences in beliefs and relationship. The “system” in his work revolves around how things are in the surrounding physical world. Simon is currently pursuing his
Degree in Fine Arts (Painting) in LASALLE. “My paintings are merely visual compositions, a by-product of life. They are neither representational of my memories nor a direct representation of my past. ”
Eun Ju Jang
was born in Seoul, Korea but has been a long time resident of Singapore.
She is currently pursuing her BA Honors in Painting in LASALLE. S
“My work is about the psychology in painting and how it has less to do with the subject matter. Involuntary movement and accidents are part of the process of building up the work. Although  the works may look chaotic, on a closer examine, they are suggestions of the human form and its surroundings”



SG Private Banking Gallery
Alliance Française de Singapour
27 Jan – 7 Feb

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  1. I have read your post and seen the artwork. I liked the same and would like to revisit your website.

    If you like short stories and paintings, then a visit to my blogs would be an interesting one for you.

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