Interview: Vigneswaran Rajkumar


Vignes shares about his short film entitled No ten dollars ride, which will be screened on March 2 as part of the Substation’s First Take March picks. The film tells of a trishaw rider’s point of view. (remember the trishaw uncle bullying incident?)

“I am sure there are some who know about the bully incident and there are those who don’t. My documentary is a revisitation of the incident and glimpse of a trishaw rider’s point of view. There is a segment of the incident in my film hence I want the audience to think the event and experience the trishaw rider’s perspective. I would like them to feel how a trishaw rider feels,” he explains.

Have you taken a trishaw ride prior to the filming?

Honestly, prior to my documentary, I have not taken a trishaw ride. I don’t want to actually. I don’t see a need or a purpose. I feel that just for my pleasure of the journey, I have to put an old uncle through pain. But for this documentary, I had to do it because I had to show the ride from their point of view.

The film took:

  • About 2 weeks to film
  • The post-production took about 2 weeks as well. (I also like to thank Indranil Roy who was the 2nd Director of Photography in the production and Sagar Dhote who composed a simple yet a beautiful theme track “Every Second” for the film.)
  • Total cost was under $400, including transportation, food, additional equipment and miscellaneous stuff.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

The first trishaw company that I wanted to seek approval re-directed me to Singapore Tourism board. This became a hindrance to my pre-production. After much persuasion, Singapore Explorer, another trishaw company granted me permission to film. There were other challenges in the technical aspect. I had to capture a good audio from the interviewee eventhough the location was a busy crowded street.


You came from a design background. Does it help you in any way in your filmmaking?

I am passionately interested and curious in Visual Arts. I have seen films like The Fall where you can pause any frame and use it as an artpiece on your wall. My design background helps me as a visual tool to enhance the composition of my films.

“I am of the opinion that filmmakers are dreamers. My modest advice to any young filmmakers or aspiring ones is… don’t be afraid to dream no matter how big it is. Always believe and never stop learning. Watch a lot of films, even the very bad ones where you can learn from the mistakes.”

Vigneswaran Rajkumar

5 things about Vignes:

  • I like watching old films.
  • I like to read books and graphic novels.
  • Music gives me a lot of inspiration (especially from The Buddha Bar Series).
  • I am an avid runner. It helps me enhance my thinking process.
  • I love Meditation.

Watch Vignes’ short film No ten dollar ride  and other local films at The Substation, 2 March, 8pm.

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