Timbre Special! – The Goodfellas

The Goodfellas wish Timbre “Congratulations, and thank you for providing a home for local bands.” As Timbre’s Music Festival comes to a close, ArtZine caught up with The Goodfellas for a quick chat.
For a band that has made birthday celebrants pole dance on stage, nothing is too much to ask for from The Goodfellas. When asked what is the wackiest thing they would do for their fans, they reply, “We’ve done it ALL!! Any request??”

They deliver solid performances, which is the result of practice practice practice. “We practice really hard! We have lots of jamming sessions to make sure that every song is perfect.”

The Goodfellas 10 years from now would be…?
10 years older… but never the Oldfellas.

Quote from The Goodfellas:

Stand for Singapore… Stand up for Local Bands!!!

How well do you know the band?

Nal- gets shock easily.
Mang- gets stiff easily.
Atif- gets drunk easily.
Rafi- gets quiet easily.
Ghaz- comes late easily.

Life without music is…?
like Timbre without Goodfellas.

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