Timbre Special! – Reverie

Don’t be caught in your silent reverie because Reverie takes the stage. It’s like “all the Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, The Beatles and Elvis Presley wannabe bands rolled into one.” ArtZine chats with Reverie, who performed at the Timbre Music Festival.

Scream and shout, it’s Timbre’s Anniversary!
Reverie: “A big thank you to all the management and staff, who’ve made our time at Timbre a great experience. Also, thank you for the great pizzas which, in returns, we’ve been trying to make our music as good as (or at least as cheesy as)”

“We’ve sung Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears requests. That’s how much we love our audience!” says Reverie. They will be performing next at the Singapore Beer Festival (do catch our updates on that too)

Reverie 10 years from now would be…?
… touring the world!

ArtZine: If you could do anything onstage (without any consequences) you would…
Reverie: … yell “Timbeeerrrrrrr” while having the DJ play sounds of a falling tree!

Quote from Reverie:

Honestly, I’d just like to see Singaporeans asking this question more “How are you today?”.

How well do you know them?

  • Surath and his father look like twins.
  • Keith is an expert salsa dancer and a tee-totaler.
  • Shane is a lawyer and never owns pirated music.
  • Ken (Hanrong) is really good with his feet: he can pick things off the floor with his toes.
  • Dang is from Vietnam and speaks very little English.

Name us the first song that comes to mind!
John Lennon’s “Watching The Wheels”. It just popped up.

Life without music is…
… Very frustrating for dancers.

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